Meet the speakers: Zak Gabor

Zak Gabor

Meet the speakers:
Zak Gabor PT, DPT, CSCS
(Boston Physical Therapy and Wellness / The Level Up Initiative)

Presentation: “Applying BPS as a New Grad”: Crossing the chasm and critical thinking.

Zak is a senior Physical Therapist and the Director of Culture at Boston PT & Wellness, as well as founder of The Level Up Initiative, an online educational mentorship platform dedicated to creating a positive culture shift in Physical Therapy.

Zak received his DPT from Ithaca College in 2015 and has been practicing in the outpatient sports setting since. During school, Zak served as a Teaching Assistant for various courses, and was also a personal trainer which led to him getting his CSCS.

Once deeply entrenched into a purely biomedical practice as a new grad, Zak was challenged by one of his mentors which sparked a difficult, but meaningful transformation from a biomedical to biopsychosocial practitioner. He was starting to see first hand the negative consequences of his words and actions and knew he had to do better.

“You do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, you do better.” This is a quote Zak is on a mission to spread. He is passionate about integrating an evidence informed approach that takes from all of the best of the Bio, the Psycho, and the Social. Apart from working clinically, Zak travels the country and teaches a workshop on his approach for low back pain focused around education and movement. Zak also serves as an adjunct professor at MGH’s DPT program in Boston.

Zak’s biggest clinical interests are: pain neuroscience, “soft skills,” strength and conditioning, and behavior change.

Follow Zak on IG @simplestrengthphysio
Follow Zak on FB The Level Up Initiative

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